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De Vogel

By: Michelet, J ; Vloten, Mevr M v. (transl)

Price: $36.10

Publisher: Maatschappij voor Goede en Goodkoope Lectuur, Amsterdam, 1909

295 pages (complete). In Dutch throughout. Translation of the 8th French edition. A slightly jaded copy. The boards are scuffed, faded, marked and worn. They and the spine are yet sound and healthy. The contents have evidence of contented ownership throughout. The pages are placid, clean, clear, certain, pastoral. fk View more info

Image for Josef in Dotan  (Afrikaanse Vondel-Uitgawe)

Josef in Dotan (Afrikaanse Vondel-Uitgawe)

By: Le Roux, Prof Dr T H and Groeneweg, J J (introduction and notes)

Price: $26.60

Publisher: J H De Bussy, Pretoria / HAUM v/h J Dusseau & Co., Kaapstad, 1944

Edition: 5th Edition

157 pages (complete). In Afrikaans and Dutch. A much owned copy. The covers are benign with some user and handling wear about the edges. The covers have handling marks. The covers are yet benign, secure. The contents are annotated throughout (neat pencil marks). The pages are mild-mannered, placid, clear, competent. fk View more info

Image for Karakter : Roman van Zoon en Vader

Karakter : Roman van Zoon en Vader

By: Bordewijk, F

Price: $38.00

Publisher: J L van Schaik, Bpk, Pretoria, 1942

Edition: Reprint

293 pages (complete). In Dutch throughout. A mild-mannered copy. The dustjacket has scuffing, rubbing, wear. It is comfortable and sure. The boards also have some rubbing and shelving wear. They are placid. Within, the contents have very occasional user marks. In general they are affable, comfortable, clean, clear, assured. fk View more info

Image for Nederlandse Literatuur na 1830 (Dutch Edition)

Nederlandse Literatuur na 1830 (Dutch Edition)

By: Brouwer, Walter De ; Ven, Betty van der (Eds) ; Anbeek, Ton ; Brems, Hugo ; Coutenier, Piet ; Deprez, Ada ; Wispelaere, Paul De ; Gerits, Joris ; Janssens, Marcel ; Musschoot, Anne Marie ; Scholten, Harry ; Aken, Paul Van ; Zonneveld, Peter Van

Price: $12.35

Publisher: Stichting Teleac / BRT-Instructieve Omroep, 1984

Edition: First Edition

200 pages (complete). In Flemish throughout. A benign copy of this textbook tie-in (with BRT (Belgian Television)). The covers are sure, if a little worn from usage. The contents are comfortable, secure, assured, clean, clear. fk View more info