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Image for A Certain Slant of Light : Fine Art Photography

A Certain Slant of Light : Fine Art Photography

By: Fraser, Jennifer

Price: $55.10

Publisher: The Author, 2011

Inscription: Signed

Complete. Most warmly inscribed and signed by Jennifer Fraser. A fresh, happy copy. The dustjacket has very light wear and scuffing. It is otherwise comfortable and very sure. The boards are healthy. The pages are bright, luxe, vivid, clean, clear - as if just about new throughout! fk View more info

Image for Abstract by Nature

Abstract by Nature

By: Basckin, Jonathan

Price: $57.00

Publisher: B+W Publishers, Cape Town, 2005

Edition: First Edition

Inscription: Signed

120 pages (complete). Signed by Jonathan Basckin on the frontispage (dated: Nov 07 Cape Town). Landscape format. A vividly smart copy. The dustjacket is very healthy, fresh, sure. The laminated boards are elegant and handsome. The contents are most agreeable. They are clean, clear, vivacious, keenly original, thrillingly imaginative, generous, confident. fk View more info

Image for Book 1 Photographs by Rodney Barnett

Book 1 Photographs by Rodney Barnett

By: Barnett, Rodney

Price: $47.50

Publisher: Visual Books, Inc., New York, 1976

Edition: First Edition

Complete. Perhaps one of the most important collections of Barnett's work. Published in 1976 at the height of Apartheid (the year of the Soweto Uprising) this book includes unflinching photographs of the reality of Apartheid for the Black population. It also includes many photographs from Barnett's travels around the world. His photographs of women are particularly poignant and moving. This was the first published collection of Barnett's work. The dustjacket is worn,... View more info

Image for Cowboy Kate & Other Stories

Cowboy Kate & Other Stories

By: Haskins, Sam

Price: $142.50

Publisher: The Bodley Head, London, 1964

Edition: First Edition

155 pages (complete). A comfortably owned copy. First edition of this historic and very influential book. "Cowboy Kate & Other Stories (1964) was probably the first book to deliberately explore black-and-white photographic grain as a medium for expression and image design. It was highly influential at the time, sold roughly a million copies worldwide and won the Prix Nadar in France in 1964. It continues to influence contemporary photographers, film makers, fashion ... View more info

Image for I Gatti di Venezia

I Gatti di Venezia

By: Marascutto, Pauline B

Price: $66.50

Publisher: Nuove Edizione Dolomiti, 1990

Edition: First Edition

118 pages (complete). In Italian throughout. A glorious celebration of the cats of Venice. In bright, vivacious condition. The dustjacket is only slightly worn and scuffed from storage. It is otherwise very smart, healthy, sure. The boards are as new. Within, the contents are shiny, luxe. They are very clean, fresh, clear, serene, elegant - as if new throughout! fk View more info

Image for Portrait of a Model

Portrait of a Model

By: Everard, John

Price: $137.75

Publisher: George Routledge & Sons Ltd., London, 1939

Edition: First Edition

48 pages (complete). A much owned copy of serene collection of nudes from the former press photographer, Everard, whose keen eye for curves and uplift, for texture and tenderness won him fame. The boards are worn and marked all about from handling and storage. The boards have been very, very lightly warped. Within, the contents have much evidence of contented ownership. Along the spine seams are some storage marks and stains. The guttering and spine seams have occa... View more info

Image for Portraits of Emerging Empowerment

Portraits of Emerging Empowerment

By: N/A

Price: $85.50

Publisher: Thomson Reuters, 2014

Edition: Limited

188 pages (complete). Limited publication (unnumbered). A vibrant copy. Photographs of women in the emerging world, their changing roles. The dustjacket is bright, healthy with light shelving wear. The boards are serene. The pages are tight, clean, clear, expressive, confident, engaging. fk View more info

Image for Portraits of Greatness

Portraits of Greatness

By: Karsh, Yousuf

Price: $30.40

Publisher: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1960

Edition: Reprint

208 pages (complete). A stoic copy of this collection of brooding, intense, revealing portraits by the unsurpassed Karsh of Ottawa. A much owned and inconsiderately stored copy. The boards are much worn all about. There are marks, scuffing. Nonetheless, the boards are steady, resolute. The spine cover is missing. The binding is secure and fit. The contents are worn throughout. There are several attempts at reinforcement. The are handling and storage marks. The... View more info

Image for Victorian Art World in Photographs

Victorian Art World in Photographs

By: Maas, Jeremy

Price: $15.20

Publisher: Barrie & Jenkins, London, 1984

Edition: First Edition

224 pages (complete). A comfortable copy. The dustjacket has a clear plastic protective cover (scuffed and a little worn). The dustjacket has light wear and marking from handling and shelving. The contents have evidence of contented use throughout. The pages are relaxed, assured, clear, placid. fn View more info

Image for Views on Nudes

Views on Nudes

By: Jay, Bill

Price: $10.45

Publisher: Focal Press Ltd., London and New York, 1971

Edition: First Edition

156 pages (complete). A benign copy. The dustjacket is much creased, scuffed and worn all about from handling and shelving. It is yet, comfortable and secure. The boards are tidy. Within, the contents have evidence of use throughout. The pages are clear, clean, contented, congenial. fk View more info